Monday, September 12, 2011

Pictures from Shaky Shaky Planet

Shaky Shaky Planet debuted at the Painted Bride Art Center on Wednesday, September 7. Emily Schumacher co-wrote and co-directed this original performance with the Shaky Shaky Players of the Cultural Arts Center.

Over a hundred people were introduced to the denizens of the planet of Jupiter-Venus, where Goblins, Robots and Blob People worked together to overthrow their evil employers Roberta and Villina with help from the Ghost-Slayers and, of course, an epic dance-off!

Ashley backstage getting ready to go on

Our fabulous director Emily

Monica the narrator

Villina and Roberta, the evil mermaid proprietors of the Blue Lobster

Richard, Jason, Sharay and Tyree as Blob People

David, Mike S., Sarah and Murph as Goblins

Charles, George, Marcos and Mike G. as Robots

The Ghost Slayers!

Miss Charlene sings her solo


Joanna Quigley as the Referee

The cast takes a bow

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