Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Celebrating Earth Day with Awbury Arboretum and Art-Reach

Today a group of artists from the Cultural Arts Center visited the Awbury Arboretum to participate in an Earth Day event sponsored by Art-Reach, a great organization dedicated to increasing arts accessibility to people of all ages and abilities. We learned about invasive plant species and helped to weed the arboretum grounds of one particular offender, the garlic mustard plant, which is not native to the western hemisphere.

We also created journals, bugs, and clay leaves with help from representatives from the Main Line Art Center, enjoyed a picnic lunch, and went for a walk through the arboretum's beautiful grounds.

Starting out on our nature walk

Tom, Leroy, Diane and Linda bag up some garlic mustard plants

Matt Bryan from Art-Reach and Marcos

Mary and Myron

Tom, plus Madeline, David and Hector

Ramona and Myron

George and Tom work on decorating their journals

Myron and Madeline make bugs with a teacher from the Main Line Art Center

Myron with his completed journal

After doing some crafting, we walked through the Arboretum grounds. In this picture is Hector, Madeline, David and Ramona.

Marcos, George, Linda, Tom and Myron

Mary makes a wish for more beautiful spring days like today!