Friday, September 23, 2011

Cultural Collaborations at La Salle University Art Museum

All year the artists of the Cultural Arts program have been working with art teacher Emilia Brintnall and La Salle University Art Museum's educator Miranda Clark-Binder on creating artwork through our Cultural Collaborations partnership. Miranda has been presenting works in the museum collection based on different themes, and the artists have been creating work in response to these themes with Emilia's help. We've explored portraiture, abstract expressionism, cityscapes and narratives in art.

Today, an exhibition of the artwork we created opened at the Community Art Gallery of La Salle University Art Museum. Below are some pictures from the reception.

Ashley and Rasheed with her rendition of a painting in La Salle's collection, part of the "Narratives in Art" series.

Mike S. talks about the painting he created after looking at Indian miniatures as part of the "Narratives in Art" series.

George with his stuffie self-portrait, part of the "Portraits" series

Hubert in front of his collaborative painting with Pietro, part of the "Abstraction" series

Cultural Arts Associate Director Linda Price and Ashley

Laura with a reception guest

Mary and Hector

Richard talks about his stuffie portrait with reception guest Justin.

James with the painting he created after learning about the abstract work of Philadelphia artist Moe Brooker.

You can learn more about the La Salle University Art Museum by visiting their website.

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