Sunday, September 26, 2010

"House of Dreams" Debut

Our play, House Of Dreams, premiered at The Rotunda in West Philadelphia yesterday to a very supportive and receptive audience.

It encompasses the main goals of the program by showcasing the various creative talents of the individuals within the Cultural Arts program through acting, writing, performance art, choreographed movement, live and recorded music, 2 and 3 dimensional visual art, and multimedia outlets, all under the umbrella of theater.

The project was headed by Jerry Perna, Michael Gerkovich, and Alie Vidich, with the rest of the Cultural Arts staff contributing in a strong way. Linda Price and Gina Renzi facilitated its creation.

Richard contributed a great deal of his creative energy to this project. He played beautiful songs for the audience as the cast took their places backstage.

Mike S. narrates.

Eyes in the dark, at the bottom of the sea

The cast focuses their collective energy to become The Blob

David emerges from a dinosaur egg.

Special thanks to Nofre Vaquer for taking these photographs!

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